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Update v.1.3.0 : UI Update
Hey Everyone, The latest update for Voxedit is a quality of life update, mostly intended to improve the overall user experience. The main change this includes i...
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Minor Update : 1.2.6
A new update is available - 1.2.6. This is a minor update, which includes a few bugfixes, as well as changes to the 3D renderer. You can now set a background im...
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3D Object Update
Another update for VoxEdit is now available for download! This update is 3D model-focused, adding support for creating 3D voxel art! VoxEdit now allows exporti...
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Update v1.1.3 - Export rendered sprites, new effects
The newest version of VoxEdit is now available for download! This update brings along some changes to the editor, bug fixes, as well as several cool new renderi...
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Update v 1.1 : Colour Palettes
Hey everyone! The first update for VoxEdit is now live! In this update, Colour Palettes have been worked on to better improve the design experience. It is now p...
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Hey there! This post marks the launch of VoxEdit; A tool I made because I wanted to easily make this 3D artstyle, and couldn't find a tool to help me. I hope th...
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